The Rain of Wodan

We previously remarked on the similarities between Wodan and wodz – “leader”.  We speculated that a wodz did wodzil, meaning led around his people (ziehen) because fundamentally, people travelling in the old days needed water to survive.  So you went along the rivers.  Thus wodzic ought to mean just to walk along, to or around water.  The person who led that became a “wodz”.

That is probably also the origin of the word “wander” or the German wandern (notice, for example, the Old Prussian wenda for “water” – which also suggests that the Veneti were – in some “Baltic” language simply “those who dwell or travel on/by water”).  Thus:

  • woda (Sla) > wodzic > wodz
  • udens (Balt Lat)
  • wenda (Balt Pr)
    • also compare with wędka [vendka] or wędzić [vendit] or wędlina [vendlina]
  • vanduo (Balt Lith)
  • [wasser] (Germ) > wandern

Notice too that “to wander” is the roughly the same as “to meander” – both are done by rivers and both may be undertaken by people travelling along rivers or on rivers.  These names indeed suggest the very life style of certain tribes.  The fact that Slavs are recorded (Procopius) as worshipping water spirits kinda fits.

From this you could also construct wojewoda as in the one who leads “woje” or “warriors”. Incidentally, the word woje means the same as boie.  The Boii were supposedly a Celtic tribe but it is not known what language these “Celts” spoke.  (Incidentally, in this version, the Germanic Heerzieher becomes a translation of the Slavic wojewoda – not vice versa).

We’ve also mentioned the curious fact that “one” in Slavic languages is jeden/odin.

But Wodan’s name itself suggests a Slavic (or Baltic?) source word of woda (or udens in Latvian) meaning “water”.

Wodan was – perhaps (this is unproven) – the same as Mercury.  Mercury was not really a water god but a god of trade.  On the other hand, during the Mercuralia, apparently, merchants sprinkled water from Mercury’s sacred well at the Porta Capena in Rome…

All of this may suggest that Wodan (whoever he was initially) was or at some point became a “rain god.”  This raises the possibility that Wodan was the same as Piorun.  Both are, in effect, storm gods – one’s name may mean “water” – the other’s “thunder”.  The fact that wuetend then came to mean the same as “raging” naturally follows from that.

Also the ending of

  • syllable then -n,
  • as in -on, -an, -un

seems rather fashionable among Europeans:

  • Jasion
  • Piorun/Perkun (or Perkun-as)
  • Wodan, Woden

Numerous other examples abound (they are typically viewed as Greek if in the form of -on but this may just be because of the fact that Greeks could actually write – see also Simon, Jason and others such as Chasson – the Slavic protagonist of the Miracles of Saint Demetrius.  BTW Josippon is a Greek word).

As we already pointed out, piron in both Greek and Venetic (!) means “fork” which naturally suggests the physical image of electricity streaming through the sky.

For other interesting factoids you can see that Vaduz – the capital of Lichtenstein – was first recorded as de Faduzes and this too refers to water.  Although the etymology is supposed to be Rhaetian (Rhaeto-Romanic) from aqueductus, it might just as well be Germanic or even Slavic.  That wadi means “river” in Arabic should also suggest that IE languages (or something similar) were much more widely spread (in the Old World) than previously thought.

Incidentally, os means “mouth” or “estuary” and is obviously cognate to the Slavic usta.  Likewise, os, as are cognates with the idea of motion jazda and all, for obvious reasons relate to water – jezero meaning “lake” – or Tamissa meaning Thames River, Izera and many others.

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June 16, 2017

6 thoughts on “The Rain of Wodan

  1. Marek

    Wodan from Woda doesn’t convince me at all. I rather think that Odin is another name of Hermod.
    What you need to know about Mercury/Hermes/Odin is that it represent sign Gemini.
    God Tuisco should be understood as diffeernt entity from Tyr (taurus, he fights with garm/cerberus (scorpio) at ragnarok), Teiwaz (whatever it is mars or jupiter I a not sure at the moment) God Tuisco is double god so it is also gemini, Teutoni and germani mean the same (of gemini sign) (better than to be called zwilinge tbh)
    Stribog is said to use wind to carry arrows. Who’s arrows one could ask? Astrologer like me understand that it means arrows of sagittarius, so Stribog would be slavic gemini
    Inną kwestią jest zagadkowe bóstwo Boda. Możliwe że nie ma związku z wodą a raczej z budzeniem, czyli jutrzenką (a leli konsekwentnie z ululaniem czyli venus wieczorną), Łada to oczywiscie ‘ogólna’ Wenus, Ład, Waga, Bacchus

    1. torino Post author

      You’ve got a lot there – suggest more clarity in presentation. Wodan from woda makes perfect sense.

      1. Marek

        Point what is not clear, and I will surely respond, sorry for compacting a lot of knowledge in few sentences, I am capricorn in 3rd house.
        I suggested above that tuisco is another name for odin.

  2. Marek

    You know why connecting Wodan and Woda makes no sense? you must understqand that odin is related to 3rd chakra and gemini, how to get to it:
    1 By understanding what 9 worlds are, and correctly relating asgard to 3rd chakra
    2 by name of odin’s “brother” wili, (will) 3rd chakra represents will
    3Odin is allfather and Hermes is father of all (Pan)
    4 wednesday is day of mercury
    5 he sacrified his eye for wisdom; this is parable, gemini rules right eye and intelligence, it becomes wisdom in right hemisphere
    I see no water or rain, do you?

    1. torino Post author

      Think you need to start your own blog about astrology/Hinduism/Bible and such. You don’t need five steps to connect Wodin to Woda. The simplest versions tend to be the correct versions – not always but usually – see Ockham.

  3. Marek

    Ok there might be some connection to rain because of this fellow: ttps://
    as I presume, balkan german is hellenic hermes


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