We already discussed some of the similarities between Slavic and other (or are they?) idols like the Krieger aus Hirschlanden here.  But take a look at the famous Światowid from Zbruch again here:


and compare it with the so-called Taanach Cult Stand from Israel:


The Światowid steele features a sun disk or solar symbol just like the Taanach column (albeit at a lower tier and mostly eroded) but the disk was hidden and an empty space is visible to the naked eye.

At least one scholar has suggested that the empty space in the second tier (from the bottom) of Taanach steele was meant to represent the concept of the incorporeal YHWH.  This is similar to the representation of God in the Jerusalem Temple which we are told the presence of God was marked simply by an empty space with two cherubim keeping guard.  See here for more.  Apparently, YHWH was initially also a Sun God.

Interestingly, it was the American author – Alexander Del Mar – that first suggested a connection between the Veneti and solar worship (allegedly via their God Jasius or Jason).  While some of his suggestions are a little bit unhinged, others appear quite interesting.

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October 23, 2016

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