Just Three Gods

The various Polish Gods listed by Lucas from Great Kozmin come in three lists.  You can see the entire passages here but, the bottom line, the following names appear in the respective passages:

  1. ‘Lado, Yassa‘ et attendere [?]
  2. LadoYassaNia
  3. Non Lada, non Yassa, non Nia

However, we have been told that there was also another name mentioned – Quia or Qui or Kiy.  Of course, the immediate connection drawn would be with Kyiv.  The name supposedly appears in the second passage between Yassa and Nia.

However, as we have already mentioned before, in the manuscripts that we have seen, no such name appears.  See for example:




We have not examined the other manuscripts but so far it does not look promising…  This is not to say that the Poles only had three Gods – Lucas does say “and others” – but it does mean that there is simply no mention of Kiy.

So where did the idea of a Kiy come from?  This fragment from LofGK was first noticed by Maria Kowalczyk.  She does mention Quia based on a manuscript from the Jagiellonian Library (BJ 1446) so an examination of that manuscript would seem to be in order.

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July 13, 2016

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