Out of or Into India?

Here is the split between Centum and Satem languages.


The split has for a long while now been seen as rather artificial but the map is worth looking at for another reason – look south, at the cut off of the Indo-European languages in India.  Why do they stop there?  Well, maybe because there are mountains there – not terribly huge mountains but nevertheless.  So why does that matter?  Check out the name of that mountain range.  They are the Vindhya Range.


In fact, after India’s independence an administrative region in the area was named Vindhya Pradesh (since abolished).

And here is a map of two types of names containing:

  • Odra/Adra – also A/Od/t/ro/a/e RED
  • Warta – also Vart/a/e/o BLUE


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March 25, 2016

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