The Continuation of Richard of Poitiers

Here are excerpts from the continuators of Richard of Poitiers’ Chronicle (Chronica Richardi Pictauiensis, monachus cluniacensis de diuersis libris collecta: continuatio) that deal with the religion of the Liutici/Veleti. They were a bit archaic when written in their day but they may nevertheless represent an accurate window on earlier times. Richard himself died in 1174 but his Chronicle was continued by various writers (Amaury d’Augier, Martin of Opava (Troppau) and William Reade) of the 13th and even 14th century. One of them may be the author of the below fragment.

“The King of the Danes and the Christians who live in those parts that are in Germania and in the North, went to war with the pagans, who still worship idols and sacrifice to the elements and who are called Leutices or Lutoici and who still call our Christ a new God… They still worship Mercury and Venus in particular; they do not have temples but worship in the woods or nearby to springs.”

“Rex vero Danorum et christiani qui regiones illas incolunt, que sunt in Germania et in septemtrione, bellum habent cum paganis, qui adhuc adorant idola et sacrificant elementis et dicuntur Leutices sive Lutoici, Christum quoque nostrum novum deum appellant… Mercurium tamen et Venerem precipue colunt, non in templis, sed in nemoribus vel iuxta fontes.” 

MGH SS 26, p. 84 (1882)

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March 10, 2018

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