Bishop Ermanrich of Ellwangen

Ermanrich (Ermanrich, Hermanrich, circa 814 – 874) was the Bishop of Passau from 866 to 874. In German he is referred to as Ermanrich von Ellwangen.

His letter to Grimald, the imperial archbishop under (Epistola ad Grimoldum abbatem, archicapellanum Ludovici imperatoris) Emperor Louis contains two references to the Slavs.  The first is in the context of discussing Louis where he says:

interroga Sclavos in gyro, et non miraris epytoma meum.

meaning something like: “[and] ask the nearby Slavs and do not marvel at my summary [?].”

The second reference associates Slavs with music:

Tu psalterium arripe, puto non alicuius mimi ante ianuam stantis, sed neque Sclavi saltantis.

“You grasp the lute [psaltery?], i think neither of some actor standing in front of the door nor of a dancing Slav.”

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January 31, 2018

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