Where Are They Now?

Here is an interesting description of a medicine stamp found in England:

Note that our Ariovist the Oculist is named Vindacus.

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August 24, 2017

2 thoughts on “Where Are They Now?

  1. Marek

    Interesting. There is Iarovist and Ariovist, guess one is translation of the other. In indo -european religions you can identify 12 gods based on zodiac sign.1st zodiac sign is aries, roman God equivalent to that sign is Ares, while slavic one is Jarowit, Jariło.
    Vist, i think it means ‘left’ like wiśta. Heta is right, wiśta is left. This has zodiacal explantion – sagittarius- is right hemisphere – and het is a bow,(het probably means a distance of an aroow shot) capriornus is left hemisphere and relates to vision of future. I think real name of wisła is vistula , and then Chronos can be its other name (chronos is ruler of capricorn). And in tale of walgierz wdały and wisław, Walgierz can mean Baldr/sun and wisław czernobog/saturn.
    if its true then ending Sław relates to sun, and Vist relates to saturn.

    1. torino Post author

      There is the question of whether vist is the right suffix. You dont want to pick up linguist, strategist , economist…


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