We have decided to provide our users with an easy-to-use set of links to our prior indeliceneti entries.  We divide them with reference to the five different Venetic groups (Sarmatian, Paphlagonian, Gallic, Adriatic and Illyrian) though, since even of old scholars speculated about their common origins, plenty of cross-references exist between them.  Here they are:

We include here too our series on the Veneti’s namesakes’ (?), the Vandals and why we find zero reasons to think any such people existed in Poland.  So here are the entries on “Were There Vandals in Poland?”

  • Part I
    • Intro to the Polish debate
  • Part II
    • Strabo (?), Ptolemy (?), Tacitus (?), Pliny
  • Part III
    • Cassius Dio, Publius Herennius Dexippus, Historia Augusta, Flavius Eutropius, Peter the Patrician, a bit of Jordanes, Zossimus
  • Part IV
    • Procopius, Jordanes, Origo Gentis Langobardorum, Paul the Deacon
  •  Part V (On the Poor Lugi/Legii or Linki)
    • Whose Slavic connections are always conveniently ignored
  • Part VI (Przeworsk)
    • Why there is no evidence that it has anything to do with any “Vandals”
  • Part VII (Oy vey!)
    • The Vandalic BS with the example of Herwig Wolfram

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