One of the curiosities of Middle Age chronicles is the story of Walgierz found in the Greater Poland Chronicle.  It seems to be primarily based on the story of Walter of Aquitaine/Waltharius – the earliest version of which comes from the 9th century.  What is interesting about the Polish version (which also weaves in Polish legends and places) is that the Polish Walter’s name is Walgierz.  How did the “t” become a “g”?

It seems incorrectly.  That is the name should really have been Walcerz.  Why would this happen?  Here we should look to the similarities between the tales of Walter and those of Theodoric or Didrek of Bern (Dietrich von Bern).  Although these two appear to be separate heroes, there are hints that they may be one and the same person.  Intriguingly, the Polish “g” version may provide a solution or, the Didrek Saga may provide a solution to the Polish error.  The connection comes from Book I of Regino of Pruem’s Chronicle where he says under the years 413-420 [incorrect dating obviously]:

Theoderic, also called Walager, wasted Macedonia…”

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October 21, 2016

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